You won’t just learn, you will also get motivation, inspiration,

confidence, discipline and time management skills.


We provide an extensive coaching and training for the students of IGCSE, AS & A Level to get A*/A grade in
Cambridge & Edexcel Curriculum. Every program is designed in such a way, that nurtures students from
the scrap and prepare them systematically to pursue their dreams. We inspire and encourage the students to
realize, feel and understand the importance of Education specially STEMM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

Lots of students have been benefitted from our dynamic, powerful and charismatic teaching style. Through
our energetic and unique teaching methodology, thousands of students are selected into universities
abroad. We judge and diagnose the problem of students and eliminate them and motivate the students about
to study well, effectively and efficiently. We provide very congenial and intellectually stimulating
competitive environment that is suitable for shaping our students into reality and paving the way to Success.


We are proud to offer exceptional IGCSE, AS & A level preparation
and assessment programs. Our carefully designed curriculum,
which includes regular tests, continuous evaluation, and valuable
career guidance sessions, instills confidence in our students to
confidently tackle any exam. Our expertise is evidenced by the
remarkable achievements of our students. Many of them have
attained A*/A grades in IGCSE, AS & A Levels. Moreover, they have
accomplished perfect scores in highly competitive exams such as the
SAT, leading to successful admissions into prestigious international
We offer a comprehensive range of courses, including Ks2/
KS3/KS4/ KS5/Sixth Form Year 5, Year 6 or Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year
10, IGCSE/Year 11/O Level, Year 12/AS Level, Year 13/A2/A Level,
International Olympiad, and early preparation for IGCSE/AS/A
Level. Our courses cover Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and
Biology, ensuring a strong foundation and advanced knowledge in
these subjects.

Our Academic Features

IGCSE, AS Level & A Level Teacher

In-depth coverage of topics

Streamlined curriculum

Regular assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the requirement to register as a private candidate with British Council?

You need to be 18 and over to register as a private candidate with British Council, Qatar. If
you are a minor you must provide us with a ‘No Objection Letter’ from MOEHE, Ministry of
Education and Higher Education, Qatar, before registration, as per directive from MOEHE.
You must register using a valid Qatari ID only.

What is the difference between CAIE and Edexcel qualifications?

Cambridge and Edexcel are different exam boards. British Council only administers exams
for these boards. You may find out more about the awarding bodies from your teacher/
course instructor or from the board’s website.

Oxford AQA:

When can I register for the January examination session for Edexcel?

Registrations for the January Edexcel session are open usually mid-September.

When can I register for the May/June examinations?

Registrations for the May/June examinations open in January.

When can I register for the October/November Cambridge examinations?

Registrations for the October/November session open usually end June or beginning of July.